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Saxon Physics using DIVE

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My son is going to be a Junior in the fall and I was thinking of having him do DIVE PreCalc & DIVE/Saxon Physics. If he does that, he'd essentially be prepared to take the Physics 1 & 2 AP Exam. The other suggestion they have is taking the C Exam if he does it with Calculus. I'm slightly confused and tried to call them but the gal I spoke with said she has to call me back. Is it intended that students do both exams? Like 1&2 his junior year and C his senior? If so, would they take this particular course twice? Is it better to take one of the exams over the other? And finally, if this Physics is intended to be one year, what am I looking at for the 4th year? Should we wait and do something else this year (what???) and Physics + the C AP exam for his senior year, or Physics + 1&2 AP Exam this year and then ??? what in 12th? I could tell I was confusing the gal I talked to on the phone so I hope someone here can make sense of what I'm asking. This is my oldest and our first foray at anything AP related. Thanks!!!! (Has anyone done and liked this course???)

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What does your student want to major in?

Physics 1 and 2 are algebra based and will only give college credit for non- science majors, with the exception of biologists. I would not bother with the exam for future STEM students. The course can be a good foundation for their college class.

Ap physics C Mech /E&M are calculus based and give credit for STEM majors.

I would not have a student take both courses in consecutive years, unless they really really wanted to. It's largely the same material,  just with different levels of depth.


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