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Anyone want to help me figure out where I am going sideways in my math homework?

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I'm working on my end of class homework for the math program I'm in. I think I have most of this problem correct, but I know the final answer is wrong. Anyone (or your kids?) want to help me find my error(s) in question 3? 😁 I tried to go to office hours for homework group, but our teacher didn't show up.

Scanned Document 17.pdf

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Agree with Jenne for part c. In part e, convert cubic feet to cubic inches. Then divide by 231 to determine how many gallons that is. I have:

20250 ft^3 • 12^3 in^3/ft^3=34992000 in^3

34992000 in^3/231 in^3/gallon=151,480.5 gallons

^ indicates exponent

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4 minutes ago, JenneinCA said:

I think the water dimension is 50 ft rather than 70 feet.  The 70 feet dimension would include the concrete.  
At least that is my best guess.

That, plus I think your conversion from cu ft to gallons is wrong.  When converting from cu ft to cu in, you only multiplied by 12, instead of 12x12x12=1728 (you wrote 231 cu in/ 1 cu ft, actually, but used 12).

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