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Daily Movement - Friday, July 2

Jenny in Florida

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And we have once again made it to Friday, the beginning of a holiday weekend for those of us in the U.S. 🎆 (<< That is what comes up when one searches "fireworks" among our emoji. Not as visually evocative as I would like, but there you have it.) 

These threads are for those who'd like accountability and encouragement in doing intentional daily movement. Anyone may join in at any time!

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It was (still) raining when the dog and I tried to go out walking this morning. I ended up doing a Leslie Sansone video in the living room. The video purports to be equivalent to a three-mile walk, but somehow I never log that much distance or that many steps. I gave myself "credit" for 3.7K (about 2.3 miles). By the time I was done, the rain had cleared, so the dog and I did head outside for a quick 1.1K jaunt. 

Since the video included more arm work than I normally do while walking (and because I was short on time after doing both the video and the short outside walk), I cut back legs and arms today, doing about half of my normal reps and leaving out a couple of exercises.

The dog has her first check-up with a vet close to the new house this afternoon; assuming the weather holds, I plan to walk us there and back for that, which will add about 1.5 miles to the day. We'll see what happens after that.


Summer Splash Challenge Update: 110.7 of 500K
Daily Walking Streak: 125 Days
West Orange Trail: 3 of 22 miles

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13 minutes ago, sbgrace said:

That's interesting re: the Leslie distance being off--sounds like it was off a lot for you. 


I did my exercise bike cardio. Later I did my legs and core strengthening routines. 


I wonder if it is because when outside walking you take longer strides...therefore more distance.

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