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Lingua Latina - Orberg

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My son used this text (with the now defunct Lone Pine).  It absolutely can be used as a high school course.  Lone Pine used it over two years.  The companion (blue book) and the workbook (exercitia) are very helpful, but I never tried to find the answer key for the homework, since his teacher provided the checking.  This was very successful start for him, now he is a senior Classics / Linguistics major.  

Lingua Latina per se illustrata series (hackettpublishing.com)

Also, Dwanye Thomas uses these books in his courses from his website (and something a bit different from Compass Classroom.  I am thinking about using this course for my younger two kids.  It is one of the things that I need to research and decide about this summer.  

Dwane Thomas | Think Outside the Border

Hope that helps!

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We used it and were very happy with it. It can be used at a variety of age levels, just adjust the pacing. I would recommend buying some of the supplemental exercise books and other simple reading material that is annotated in the Orberg method. If you are interested in having your student do the National Latin Exam, just be aware that the order of grammar topics is not well aligned with the order of topics presented in Orberg. 


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Thank you, I will check out the links. Looking at the pages of the teacher manual, I'm not sure I'm bold enough to take it on on my own, but maybe if there are enough resources out there.


Good to know about high school, though. Looking at the material, it didn't seem realistic to work through it in a school year, but I wasn't sure if splitting it up would still be worth two solid language credits.

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