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Ambleside Online Y9 with Roman Roads Old Western Culture Early Moderns?

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My ds loves AO (as do I) and we want to continue, but for the high school years I am leaning toward adding in The Early Moderns.  We both love the videos we've seen - I have an Eng. Lit. degree and I learned something I did not know but should have!  Also, (right now - it could change) he wants to go to college, so I want to prepare him a bit better with writing, listening to lectures, answering more learned questions.  His history and literature would look a bit like this:

History:  OWC The Early Moderns; *maybe* certain chapters of Churchill's Age of Revolution; historical documents not covered in OWC; biographies not covered in OWC (John Adams, Ben Franklin, Napoleon, Lord Nelson, Davy Crockett, etc); Sea Power, 1776, Undaunted Courage, 1801, Miracle at Philadelphia.

Literature:  OWC The Early Moderns, The Crucible (in place of The Christmas Carol, which he has read), and The Count of Monte Cristo (as a year-long read).

Science, Civics, Geography, Foreign Language, and Bible will remain as scheduled (in AO or by me).

Has anyone supplemented OWC similarly?  It seems light on the history, but maybe it is because I haven't seen the entire curriculum, yet. 


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