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Latin questions

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We have been doing GSWL and I have KGWL to do next. 

I like the looks of MP's Latin. We plan to do Latin until 8th grade. After KGWL should we move to First Form Latin or just go straight to Henle and take our time going through book 1? I know it is a high school level book, but it seems to move at a quicker speed. DS loved languages and is a natural at picking them up. I feel like FFL might move too slowly. 

Thoughts and experience? 

Other Latin programs to look at for 5th through 8th graders? 

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I gave ds his choice one year, and he picked First Form because it was methodical and the video teacher didn't sing or chant.

By March, even he was tired of it, and he likes repetition.  It just sucked the joy out of Latin for him to have monotonous worksheets.  We tried Latin For Children A the year after and he nearly threw it against the wall because it had errors and wasn't methodical enough.

So............this was about the time we sat down together and picked out the elements he really liked. 
-he liked the organization of First Form
-he liked the story aspect of LFC
-he liked reading Latin in GSWL and Cambridge
-he liked the history part of Cambridge

So, that really narrowed down what would work for him.  We did Ecce Romani this year: a little faster than Cambridge, methodical, continuous story through the book, and has history/cultural lessons.  We only did half of book 1, but so much of it stuck that he has reread most of the story so far this summer pretty easily and with intonation/inflection.

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