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Tackling Wednesday Together


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Happy Wednesday! Amazingly cool here last night and this morning. 

I will be out and around all day, with no time to make progress on things at home.

Work at church ✔️ 

Pick up milk ✔️ 

Tutor two students ✔️ 

Help mom with some things ✔️ 

Dinner with friends ✔️ 

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Hey everyone!! I got my mom taken care of yesterday with her cataract appointment, and her next appointment will be covered by my dad. So, while I am glad to help, it feels good to have more time at home. Today's plan:

Launder sheets and put them back on-no folding!!-done

Clean the bathrooms-done

Clean the floors

Weed and water-weeded, but not watering today-got stung by a wasp and not going back out there until morning


Clean out the refrigerator-done

Call parents and email mother in law-done

Clean the kitchen-done

Sort mail and shred-done

Probably need to freeze some tomatoes I brought back yesterday

Hopefully get a second coat of paint on my aqua wall

Cut out laminated school stuff when I sit down to rest-done

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Howdie!  I've been productive today!


  • Sent out some work reports in the morning.
  • Morning pup duty.
  • Took out the garbage.
  • Kids and self ready, packed, and out the door.  (Packed the trumpet stuff for p.m. lesson, as well as work and camp stuff.)
  • Picked up friend and drove the 3 kids to camp.
  • Bought a muffin and walked while eating it.
  • Sent out some more client work.
  • Caught up on calendar, emails, news, and social media.
  • Some back and forth with the kids re having their friend spend the night.

To do:

  • Grab some lunch and walk some more.
  • More client work and maybe some personal work.
  • Drive the kids home / kid1 to trumpet lesson.
  • Kid2 to bake cookies for camp fiesta.
  • More pup duty & client work.  Maybe some laundry.
  • Whatever else gets done.
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