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I've seen these 3 writing program mentioned in different posts from years ago...

Thinking in Threes: The Power of Three in Writing

Writing with a Thesis

The Lively Art of Writing

I have looked at their TOC and see similarities and differences.  I could only find an age level on one of them  What is the order of difficulty?

Could/should they all be used?  Would there be a specific order they should be used in?

I am thinking of using 1 or some with my (entering) 8th grade ds for next year.  Not much in any formal writing program so far.



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I used Thinking in Threes this past year with my 8th grader. It did not last a full year, but it was a wonderful book We really enjoyed it and it made the basics of writing manageable to teach to a beginner. I think it would work for any middle school age child-6-8th grade. It would probably even work for a 9th grader for a portion of their writing work. 

I have done research and have the Lively Art of Writing, but everything I've founds says it's an intense high school level course, so I've postponed it. (Though I can't find where I saw that information, probably the boards here somewhere). 

The other, I haven't used or heard of (I will be checking it out now--thanks!), so can't help there.

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