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Tackling Tuesday Together


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Good morning! 

Did you finish packing,Amy?! Praying for all moving details!


AHG service project ✔️ 

Tutor one student virtually ✔️ 

Go out to dinner with Dh. Belated anniversary celebration. May was way too busy! ✔️ 

Do something to improve the condition of my house….fold laundry or do some general tidying….

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Good morning! 

We have mostly finished. There are a few odds and ends that still need to be packed up. Some of it is the things we are packing to take with us for the summer. 

I just picked up donuts and sausage pigs-in-a-blanket for the helpers. 

  • Pick up the UHaul
  • Pack the UHaul
  • Spend the night in north Atlanta with my sister
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Howdie!  I'm in the small-town library again, this time off in a corner, which I like much better!


  • Sent out a couple of early morning work emails.
  • Printed some things for the kids' camp.
  • Minimal pup duty and housework.
  • Kids and self ready, packed, and out the door.
  • Some audiobook in the car.
  • Picked up friend & dropped the 3 girls off at camp.
  • Found good parking and checked work emails.
  • Got a call from my sister.  Had a long walk while chatting.
  • Grabbed a muffin from Arabica and walked some more while eating.
  • Set up in the library.  Caught up on emails, news, calendar, social media, and school stuff.

To do:

  • Lots of client work.
  • Pick up kids & drop off friend.
  • More audiobook.
  • Kid1 to soccer practice.
  • Kid2 needs to plan & buy groceries for camp cookies she promised to bake, maybe bake a batch.
  • House cleaning ... the kitchen is looking pretty bad.
  • Evening pup stuff.
  • Make the kids progress on their babysitting course.
  • Try to get kids to practice music??  Math??  Do online church??
  • At least 1 load of laundry.
  • Whatever else gets done.
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Popping in to say Hi! Good luck with the packing today/tomorrow, Amy! 

We're here at vacation -- got on FB this morning to check the neighborhood group, and apparently we had  some massive, terrified everyone lightning/thunder hit somewhere in a field behind us. That made for some interesting reading when you're away from home and everyone's speculating was it a house that was hit, etc, and it's all people right near you. Yikes! (it wasn't, it was a field it seems). 

The drive up was good -- the kids slept all.the.way.  ???? (it's a 12 hour drive!) so last night DH & I collapsed in bed, the kids stayed up hanging out, LOL! 

Today we picked cherries, came "home" and ate lunch -- our cabin rental is amazing this time -- did a little touristy shopping, took naps, now heading into "town" for the real touristy shopping, and then probably a hike this evening. Not sure. 

Have a good week! 

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No housework done.

Dinner out was nice, but not as good as we’ve previously had at that restaurant. 

Brownies for Scouts at camp in the oven. Dh is taking them to the troop tomorrow evening. 

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