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Please help me with my dds free writing


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Here's what my 8yo daugher wrote yesterday (after correction for spelling and punctuation).


Poly Friends

Anna sat with her friend Rose. She and Rose loved horses and ponies. In fact they both had a pony of their own. Star and Shadow were their ponies. Star was a dun with a star on his head. Shadow was a bay with socks. Anna’s mother came in the bedroom. “Rose, your mother rang. You must go homeâ€. “Yes, Mrs Robertsâ€. “Let’s ride to your house,†said Anna. Then the girls ran to the stable and tacked up. Off they galloped to Rose’s house.


Where do we go from here?

We have started Writing Tales, so the writing above was a free writing assignment.

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Well you can only hold them accountable for things they've already covered, and you don't want to overload them. Are you doing WT1? It's a very nice product for a student at that level. They clearly know about horses and like them. I'd pat her and say "Well done!" On the NEXT assignment, I would spend some time prepping, and pick ONE thing from her work this time, which to my mind is the use of separate paragraphs for dialogue. It's an easy thing and something she'll use a lot next year. Say that her new skill you'd like her to incorporate is to put each speaker on a new line so it's clear who is talking. The other thing I would do is actually talk through your creative assignment and outline it in some fashion. If she's telling about an incident with her friends, relating an actual event, then talk her through it and make a general outline. If it's supposed to be creative, talk about the setting, plot, problem/conflict, and resolution. These are terms you're using in WT, so it's ok to bring them over. You don't have to outline every single sentence, but discuss through these sections and have her make little notes for each one so the sequence starts to flesh out in her mind. Should help get you a more full product, or at least it does with my dd.


It's fine and I WOULDN'T chew her up or criticize her over it. Just pick one thing from it, say the paragraphing, to instruct on when you assign the next one. I suggested the paragraphing, not sentence combining, because the paragraphing is essential to making it clear, while the sentence combining is taking to the next step, something she has plenty of time to do over the next couple years. Good job! :)

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