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Painting a Scratched Dryer or other solutions

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The top of my dryer is scratched and discoloured.  From what I understand if I want to paint it I have to use a special epoxy appliance paint.  I have googled and apparently these paints are pretty toxic and can sometimes emit fumes for weeks.  First question: if I use this paint will it get scratches on it too if I continue to put my scratchy laundry basket on top of it?

second question: Has anyone painted an appliance with regular paint or high gloss paint?  Did it last?  Did it adhere?

Any other solutions? Would contact paper work?


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Even before you said it, I was thinking about contact paper. I am not sure how it would handle the heat, but I would absolutely try it first. 

If you look on Amazon, you can find some super cute prints that would look like you did it just for the fun of it, and not to hide something underneath. 

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