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Mcruffy Science or Nancy Larson Science

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These are the two science programs I am looking into. I have a K and 2nd grader next year and I was planning on using NL Science 1 or one of the Mcruffy Science programs (not sure if I should use both Mcruffy science programs for my kids or combine them into one). I like how they are both scripted type programs and come with material kits.

I have realized I am not a very Charlotte Mason unit type person for some subjects, science being one of them. I did MFW this year and the science barely got done. I need a more structured science program. 

Has anyone tried both these programs or at least one of them and has a preference?


Thanks for the help!

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I also may just buy both programs and try them out and see which one my kids take to better.

I found the NL Science 1 teachers manual for extremely cheap so I would just need to buy the material supply kit and student materials.

It looks like NL is 3 days per week and Mcruffy is scheduled 2 days per week. So we can try both for a few weeks and then drop one if the kids prefer to.

I dislike decisions lol.......

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