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Want to share: three picture books with incredible real-life stories

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Hi Everyone,

My babies now shave, but I was organizing their books and found three true stories that wowed us. I gave these books as gifts because they're so cool.

I started my kids on these books when they were four, but they're good for any age because they're so interesting.

The Bear That Heard Crying by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock and Helen Kinsey. This first story took place in the late 1700s, and was researched and written by a great, great, great (and so forth) niece. Unforgettable sounds cheesy, but this unforgettable.

Owen & Mzee -- The True Story of a Remarkable Friendship by Isabella Hatkoff and Craig Hatkoff. This events in this story began in December 2004. A baby hippo and a very old tortoise bond. Super cool.

Owney, the Mail-Pouch Pooch by Mona Kerby. The events began in 1888. A really happy story involving a stray dog (nothing sad).

My boys are in college now, but I miss those homeschooling days like you can't believe.

I mean, I have a life, but enjoy every moment!




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4 hours ago, CTVKath said:

Thank you! AbeBooks loves me! 🙂

Sorry about all the typos in my post! I am so jealous!! I miss the read-alouds.

Somehow I came across a book that became like a best friend through the years: The Read-Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease. I actually bought two of these, both used.

I'm a heavy library user, but I can't recommend buying this book enough. Really great.

I'll make a larger post about it so more hopefully will see it!




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