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Update on our house purchase in Alabama

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So now that we worked out the details of the repairs, and though it was stressful waiting doe their realtor to catch up to them on vacation, things are going smoothly. They even have some furniture that we really like, a sleigh bed, a four poster bed, a day bed, and the patio set and the prices they quoted for us to buy them was just fantastic. We were still worried about a cash flow issue and considered turning it down, but by some miracle, money my brother has owed me for years, suddenly appeared. I guess he finally got his stimulus checks and my mom put pressure on him to square his debt. The home owners are really nice and said that we could just bring cash to our final walk through before closing and pay them then.

We have picked out colors. The kitchen and 4th bedroom/Study and the hallway that the study and the laundry room are off will be Sweet Coconut milk, and the study/bed will have coffee/calls chino color accents. The living room and hallway leading to the other three bedrooms will be Helium. The sunroom and laundry room will be Tahitian Blue. The periwinkle bedroom remains that color (eldest grandson loves all things purple and purple related) and will have one wall with grey and black mountain wall decals and How to Train your dragon wall decals. The room we will use for now is white, and dh and I will not be doing any painting in there for now. The master bedroom will be a pale green that dd loves. We are leaving it to them to do that painting at their leisure so we can concentrate on getting the main parts of the house done. The bathrooms are just fine for colors. The colors are all Behr Premier or Marquee paint from Home Depot. We chose to do multiple rooms in one color to limit the number we had to choose, and to economize by buying five gallon buckets instead of the higher price of 3 gallons per color if we did a different hue in each room.

So the only hurdle left is the appraisal. The mortgage officer and our closing agent said they anticipate no trouble at the price we point we are paying. But we don't know for sure when it will be done. The appraisers in the region are so busy that the only thing the company would say is they guarantee they will have it done 2-3 weeks before closing. I thought that was cutting it close, but the powers that be said it was fine.

I am thankful we have a camping trip June 27-July 4 to help break up the wait time between now and our closing of July 23.

The hardest thing is not telling N that he is getting a tree house. He is going to be so excited. Ds and dsl wanted it to be a surprise so he has not been told. It needs a few repairs and dh is going to do those immediately, even before we begin painting. We bought child size work gloves for him so he can help Papa M work on it. I am not sure how much help a 5.5 year old boy will be, however dh says no matter what he will be a good go-for.

To everyone else trying to buy or build during this time, I wish you the very best. It is crazy out there! Just wow. We actually bought the wood here for those tree house repairs  and will haul it there because our area is not having the same housing expansion so two by fours and plywood are half price the cost of Huntsville.

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15 minutes ago, Seasider too said:

It would be fun to get a video of your little one’s reaction when he first sees the tree house!

Glad it’s going well. House buying is so stressful under the best circumstances. The current market is enough to drive a person mad. 

I hope I remember to video tape it! The sellers are very sweet and said if we want to bring a sign and bow to hang it at the final walk through, they would be happy to help us put it up. I think that would be a lot of fun for N. Little C is only going to be 18 months old, so he won't remember the event. 

I am really looking forward to spending time with them. I wish we didn't have any repairs or painting to do so I could just run around the yard and play with them. Hopefully, between coats of paint, I can find time to just be Marmee (my name instead of grandma.)

I am called Marmee and dh is Papa Mark because N and C have both grandmas plus four great grandmas still alive and so coming up with names for the grandmas so N and C can keep track of who is being talked to or about was a challenge. I chose Marmee because I figured that if so I ever grew up I'd like to be Susan Sarandon from the movie! 😁 None of the great grandpa's are alive, but N started calling dh Papa Mark all on his own and it stuck.

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2 minutes ago, Mrs Tiggywinkle said:

I’m so happy for you!! We are still waiting for a closing date 3 months after our offer was accepted. It’s been a comedy of errors; mostly incompetence on the seller’s lawyers part.  Honestly I think everyone in real estate is overwhelmed.

Oh my goodness! That is so awful! That is one of my worst fears because dd and family are in an apartment and had to give 60 days notice to break the lease. She waited until two weeks after our offer was accepted in order to build in extra for a delay, and figured if there wasn't a delay, it still gave some breathing space between painting and getting everything moved. But if there was a big delay, we would be paying for a storage unit for their stuff and hotels which would be a nightmare! Ugh. I hope something happens this week to get your closing back on track! Hugs

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