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Tackling Sunday Together


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Good morning!

We are still waiting to hear from the offer we made. They have until 3 today. I'm so on edge. We loved the house after many disappointing viewings. 

  • meals  breakfast and lunch done, dinner at party
  • church
  • pay bills/update checking
  • tidy house
  • laundry
  • keep working on a list of what shouldn't be packed in storage
  • SS class is throwing us a going-away party this evening
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Good morning! I hope you get it, Amy!



pack and prep for camping - I am excited and a little nervous. First solo camping trip since my 20’s. Just car camping, very close to civilization. But I have not had 5 nights alone since I got married, 19 years ago. 

call mom 




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Still no word on the offer, which makes me worry they are going to go ahead and list it hoping for more. Our agent will call theirs this afternoon if we don't hear from them. 

Church was good. Dh and ds went to a restaurant I don't eat at, so I went to a local grocery store and got the salad bar and brought it home. 

Ds leaves for the youth beach retreat tomorrow, so we need to do laundry and get things ready for him to be gone. 

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Food prep is almost done. 
Confirmed directions. I do so much better if I look carefully at a map before I drive!
Posted an AHG service project.
Bought Dd's PreCal books - probably a bit overpriced, but one quick transaction and not last minute scramble. 
Made a list for Dh. 

Finish laundry and packing my clothes.
Get the cooler and my sleeping bag out
CVS for RX and a travel sized shampoo
Finish packing the car as much as possible. 

Pool tonight? Or out for dinner? 

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I think I've done everything that I can at this point. Made a list so that I wont's forget things in the morning. 
Listening to Tennessee baseball beat LSU. 
Decided no on the pool bc both my suit and Ds' are packed. 

No clue what we will do for dinner. Maybe watch a movie tonight? 

Up early tomorrow for a good b'fast, fill the cooler, put the last few things in the car, a quick stop for ice and gas, then off! I will be unplugged all week.  *See* y'all late next weekend. No having exciting threads (kilts, giant emojis, cupcakes etc.) while I'm gone! 🤣😎

I haven't had 4 days/5 nights by myself since 2003 when Dh was on a mission trip overseas. And then I was home with my dog! This could be lovely or somewhat lonely, or both. We'll see. An adventure anyway. If you are a praying person, please pray for safety, no car troubles, and for real refreshment. And for Ds while he is a church camp, for God to work in his heart and life. 



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@ScoutTN, praying for your trip!   I hope it is all you need and more!! 

We are getting a counter offer in the morning from the owners. They are going to ask us to close in July and lease the house from us until they move out in early August. We'll see what the actual numbers look like, but I am thrilled they are working with us!! 

The party was so good! We love our SS class because they are like family. We are going to miss them so much!! 

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I finally got my kids to set up their apps so they get band and soccer info on their phones.  Yay!

Caught us up on church (livestreams).

Worked with the maids.

Placed orders with Amazon & our local pet store.

Made plans for servicing 3 cars this week.

Set up hair coloring appointments for my kids.

Cleaned out my car.

Some pup stuff.

Grocery run.

Hand washed kid's stinky shin guards.

Laundry - about to go put in load 2 of 4.

A little reading.

A little client work.

Probably some other stuff.

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