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Dr Hive... what do these hormone levels mean?

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So, without ALL my history, what do these hormone levels tell me? I'm still waiting for my doctor's answer, and googling in the meantime. 

LH.LC   174.5 mIU/mL

FSH.LC  68.3 mIU/mL 

Everything I'm looking at has the LH normal range way down below a hundred. DH looked up pituitary glands, and tumors - I have 5 or 6 other symptoms on those lists. I'm hoping the simple answer is early menopause...I'm 40. 

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I have the opposite issue - LH/FSH are super low.  The doctor said I'm a mystery and ordered an MRI for me to check for pituitary tumor and diagnosed me with hypothalamus dysfunction.  I haven't had a period in years and just assumed I was in menopause, but the hormone levels say otherwise (I'm 53).  


Hope you hear something soon - please update when you do! 



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