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Have you used the GA PB Chemistry?

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My son used the GPB physics website along with Paul Hewitt's Physics book in the class that was at our co-op. Eh. From what I understand, they have updated the videos as the ones he watched were very outdated. Overall the content is solid, I don't recall any red flags. It was just incredibly BORING. I watched one lesson because he swore up and down that whatever it was he was looking for was not addressed in the video. It was addressed but I fell asleep while watching it! I can see how he missed it because it was mind numbingly boring. I'm not a huge physics fan but did very well in it back in the dark ages when I was in school. So I'd say, good content, boring, boring, boring. If you are using it as a supplement, I think that'd be fine. His teacher relied on the GPB videos more than I like. Paul Hewitt's book was a much better choice. It was a much more interesting read than anything I saw on the GPB stuff.

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We liked the videos. Dd didn't think they were boring. We used them to supplement World of Chemistry for chemistry and Glencoe Physics for Physics. The older series is better (or at least more user friendly) than the new ones and you can get the teacher materials for $20. It was nice to use the videos for some of the data labs, and we previewed a few of the labs as video labs and then ran them IRL.

At least for physics, (as I recall) there was more math in the Georgia PBS series than the Paul Hewitt books (trig).

I guess have your kiddo watch a few and see what they think. My math-and-science loving kiddo used these in middle school, so maybe the goofball old-school science teacher was more appealing because of that?

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