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the best of free and online.....

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Dictation Day by Day for spelling

Elementary Grammar by Maxwell, Grammarland, and Plain and Not so Plain for grammar (plain and not so Plain has other stuff too, but I've never used it)

Xtra Math

seterra.com for geography

before five in a row (and five in a row) book lists

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We've enjoyed the NASA Amusement Park Physics for Middle school:


We adored the Big History Project:


We love CRASH course videos:


We like these lit guides occasionally:



Khan Academy Pixar in a Box

Khan Academy Art History

Stossel in the Classroom:


Duolingo app

Stack the States App

Stack the Countries App

Aiens vs Presidents App

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My faves are....

ProgressivePhonics.com for their free printable readers.

Extra Credits History on youtube.

Experimenting With the Vikings Free Unit Study.

D-maps.com for free printable maps

Duolingo (for all reading ages) and Memrise (just for middle school and up, cause they have swear words) for Spanish.  

For kids for Spanish,  Perry y Gato on youtube
and this immersive site:

TeachersPayTeachers for finding free worksheets on a specific topic when I need it.

The Gimp for graphic arts (free program sort of like Photoshop)

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1. The Well Trained Mind Forum

2, Heritage History Curriculum for Young Readers supplemented with the resources and study plans for older students.




3. Mr Q ESP Labs


http://eequalsmcq.com/park university.htm

4. Kanopy through my library. I only get to stream 10 films a month, but Kids and Great Courses are unlimited! Kanopy Kids section has a comprehensive science series at the upper elementary level. Great Courses has foreign language. 

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Starfall for phonics games. 

Michael’s Craft Classes & Art Hub for Kids

Explorify, UK based, similar to Mystery Science 

We took a 360 virtual tour of Monet’s house and gardens during the pandemic. It was amazing. The link is on my desktop, I’ll try to remember to paste it here.  

Tumblebooks for animated picture books. TGTB has a free book channel too. 

The Homeschool Compass for printables. We love all the nature studies. 

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A small 6 minute snippet of the leapfrog letter factory show to learn letter sounds on YouTube. I can’t seem to link it for some reason.

Then readingbear.org to learn to blend.

Prodigy game, squiggle park/dreamscape (like Prodigy for language arts).


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