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Games to help reinforce Latin and Greek?

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We have Rummy Roots and love it. We are a game loving family. Are there any more games that are good when learning Latin and Greek?

We are starting to learn the Greek Alphabet next year and will continue with Latin. 

Any games to help learn the Greek Alphabet? 

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Classical Academic Press has some online games and a card game called "Clash" available here.  I haven't personally used them - we're not far enough along yet! - but I understand this is the content they used to have freely available on the now-defunct "Headventureland" site.

Another one my kids like for any kind of short answer content is "Kaboom".  Get a bunch of craft sticks and write a vocab word at one end of each.  On several sticks, write "Kaboom!" instead.  Put them all in a cup and take turns drawing one out.  If you can translate the word, you keep the stick, but if you draw a Kaboom! stick you have to put all your cards back.  First to 5 or 10 wins.  We use this for times tables and sight words as well 🙂


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8 hours ago, LauraClark said:

I'll be following this thread-games would be fun reinforcement. Do you use a song for teaching the Greek alphabet? That worked well for us.

I plan to use MP Greek Alphabet book 

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