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The Sports Metaphor Thread


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Upon @SKL‘s suggestion. I think it will be especially interesting to hear common sports metaphors used in non-US countries. So, right out of the gate (horse racing), here are some that are used all the time:

“Step up to the plate,” or, “You’re at the plate, might as well swing.” (Baseball)

”It was a home run!” (Baseball)

”It’s your third strike.” (Baseball)

And who, in the US, can forget physical progress in s3x described as “first base,” “second base,” etc. 

“It was a slam dunk!” (Basketball)

”Knocked it out of the park!” (Baseball)

”9th-Inning comeback/win” (baseball)

”I’ve been benched” (many sports) 

“Play the field” (Baseball)

”Monday-morning quarterbacking” (American football)

”It was a fumble” (American football)

”What’s our game plan?” (Many sports, maybe esp. American football.)

”We must cover our bases.” (Baseball)

”You’re way off base.” (Baseball)

”Touch base” (Baseball)

”A hole in one” (golf)

”Par for the course” (golf)

”Level the playing filed” (soccer? Maybe other sports) 

“Ball is in your court” (Tennis, maybe Basketball)

”Chomping at the bit” (Horse racing)


Add yours! 



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Timeout (various sports)

Time to drop back and punt (football)

Playing hardball (baseball)

Right off the bat (baseball)

Home court advantage (various sports)

Beat to the punch (boxing)

Below the belt (boxing)

Blow by blow (boxing)

Make/made the cut (golf)

Pitstop (auto racing)

Being a pawn (chess--that's a sport, right?)

Stalemate (chess)

Saved by the bell (boxing)

Mulligan (golf)


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Posted (edited)

S/he got cut / make the cut


Rounding the final bend

Out in left field

Try this angle

Make a pitch

In the big leagues

Lots more, but I gotta go ....


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Moving into aquatics:

rowing upstream / swimming against the current / facing difficult headwinds

take a different tack

in his wake

taking on water

running aground

smooth sailing





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Posted (edited)

Passing the torch/baton (Track)

Flawless handoff (Track)

False start (Track)

First out of the blocks (Track)

Raising the bar (track)

Stuck the landing (gymnastics)


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