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Fully understanding an elderly parent is now home bound


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Just needing to vent. The realization that my mom will be in chronic pain and home bound the rest of her life has hit me hard.  She now needs medical transport to doctor appointments which thankfully Medicare pays for.   No one doctor wants to tell her straight out that there is nothing they can do for her leg because her blood level s aren't right.  My sister has to meet her at appointments to be sure mom tells them the whole truth about her issues.  As I mentioned before she's forgetting English words and gets very frustrated of not finding the German word for medical terms, as was a nurse for 30+ years. It's just a mess and makes me sad.  

Thanks for reading and letting me vent this.  


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It is hard.  My mom has aged so much this year.  We had a family gathering yesterday and she sat on her motorized scooter the whole day!  I found out she did move shortly after I left but my son said it was quite an ordeal to get her off it.  I didn't realize how weak and immobile she had become.  Part of it was because we were outside but she also had an unexplained fall early this week so I think she is partially afraid to move.

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