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Where to find Lial's Pre-A?

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Is there any place I can find a new copy of this?  I ordered it from Abe Books listed as "very good" condition and it is definitely NOT.  It's old and dirty and there are pages missing.  I need the fourth edition.  

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Well, if you're willing to shell out almost $800, this seller on Amazon says they have a new copy: https://www.amazon.com/Prealgebra-4th-Margaret-L-Lial/dp/0321567927/ Otherwise, it's out of print, and everything is used. 

And if you haven't already, definitely get in contact with Abe Books. I've had books arrive in a condition very different from what was stated, and have had good luck getting refunds. 

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Mine all came from Amazon and eBay. There are bum sellers on any of them though. In general avoiding sellers with low counts and low ratings helps. I also avoid sellers with cut and pasted descriptions of what may or may not be wrong with the item and favor the descriptions that appear to have been custom written for that exact copy. 

Obviously this isn't foolproof, but I buy loads of books this way and total duds aren't common. 🙂

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