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Anyone Using CMIs Alveary

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I am planning for next year and flipping between SCM, AO and Alveary.  Doing SCM now but feel my high schooler needs more of a challenge and I dont know how to make that happen.  SCM doesn't give the handholding I need.  AO feels more challenging, but again, I dont think I will implement it properly.  The Alveary is very, very tempting.  They claim to have all of the help I need to become the most amazing, fantastic, unbelievably well prepared teacher.  What a promise.  Wondering if anyone has used and feels it is worth the cost.  What if I dont use any of the lesson plans and just the teacher development?  Still worth the cost?  Any input would be appreciated.

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The above is an older post about adding rigour to a CM education. EmilyGF had some good ideas. She also said that listening to the recorded conferences by CMEC https://www.thecmec.org/CMECRetreats  were most helpful in understanding how to have a functioning CM homeschool. These ladies are Catholic, but she said that did not matter. She is not Catholic. Celeste Cruz has a blog and used to use Amnleside before starting CMEC with some others. I find it inspiring, and have gotten many ideas from her. I'm  not really sure how she does it all, and we certainly are not as gifted artists here:)     http://joyouslessons.blogspot.com/

HollyS used the Alveary for part of a year bopped around a bit, and last I knew was back with SCM. Her honest thoughts are worth considering. https://simplycharlottemason.com/scmforum/topic/why-does-alveary-cover-more-subjects/page/3/



Here is somerhing from SCM about high school https://simplycharlottemason.com/blog/narration-composition-high-school-years/

A positive recview for Alveary.   http://forthechildrenssake.weebly.com/spread-the-feast-blog/my-experience-with-masons-alveary-by-cmi

I personally have looked a lot at CMI, but somehow it always left me with an uncomfortable feeling that it wasn't for us? I really don't  like at least some of their science books....I also noticed that you can just purchase 1 course from them. That may be an option if you like mostly what your high schooler is doing and need some hand holding in one area.


NB.  CMI and CMEC are 2 totally different entities....I had them confused for a while;)

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