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One year review of grammar stage spelling?

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My daughter will be in fourth grade next year and her spelling lessons so far have been pretty scattershot.  We’ll start Megawords in fifth grade, but I’d like to do a crash course/review of elementary spelling next year.  Any suggestions?

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We did 3 of the 4 volumes of Reading And Spelling Through Literature this year.  It's a very simple, OG based program that is divided into three parts in each book: sound review, spelling word lists (learning applicable rules, dividing into syllables, how to mark sounds), and stories from Elson Readers that use the word lists.

We do 10 words a day, so ds (11yo) is on lesson 100 or so, but the lessons vary from 10 words to 15 words in the first three books.  He knew most of the spellings, which let us go faster than the recommended schedule, but our focus was on learning the rules and slowing down for longer text application.

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We use Dictation Day by Day and I can see that being a fine crash course. My kids basically write down the sentence(s) I dictate and then I correct the errors and they fix them and rewrite the misspelled words. You could start in 2nd grade and skip around moving pretty quickly. That should get your daughter a range of words (since sentences use both the easier and harder words).  I've read somewhere that they made sure to include the most commonly used words (though some were common when the curriculum was created). I've found my boys retain much more when they spell in sentence form rather than list form. It's free online.

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