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Do I need to inform the Office of Home Schooling (NYC) that we're moving?

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We're moving from NY to MN in a month... Normally, when I send in our 4th quarterly reports, I include a note that we intend to homeschool our kids the following year, and they'll be in such & such grades, etc.  

Getting those reports ready to send off this week, and now I'm wondering:

Is it enough to NOT include the "intent" (just send in our 4th quarterly report, and then drop off the face of the map as far as NYC is concerned)...

Or do I need to officially inform the DOE that we're leaving?

I didn't see anything on the Office of Home Schooling website. 

Any help is appreciated. :)

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I can't speak to NY state, but last year we moved from Maryland to Ohio. Here is what I did: I informed the Maryland office (via writing and a phone call) that we were moving. (I don't think I was technically required to inform them of our move, but I did it as a courtesy. I think it's a good thing to do, because it ensured that I would be removed from their list and they wouldn't continue to send me correspondence. Plus, I didn't want Maryland to think I was suddenly failing to report to reviews or was otherwise negligent, etc.) 

Then, when we arrived in Ohio, I submitted all the necessary paperwork to our new superintendent (letter of intent, etc.) within a week of arriving. (This is something I HAD to do, because that is what the law requires in Ohio.) But none of it was a big deal and the move went very smoothly from a homeschooling standpoint. I had no issues!

So, my suggestion is to send in your 4th quarterly reports to NY and include a simple, short letter informing them that you're moving to a new state on x date and will no longer be reporting to NY.

Hope that helps! Good luck with your move! 

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