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Saddest Mother's Day ever - loss of MIL

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So...if anyone remembers my thread from April 15th, we lost my FIL on April 22nd and MIL yesterday (Mother's Day).  17 days apart.  Saddest Mother's Day ever 😭.  We just had his funeral on Friday and now we are planning hers. 



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Thank you everyone for the kind words and prayers.  It means so much to me!  We are really just kind of numb at the moment.  Dh and I went back to the funeral home yesterday and we've had to make some other calls.  Everyone is just so sad for us with having to do this again so soon.

But...we are getting through.  Dh and I (and our boys) are trying to look for the joy in each day.  It wasn't a total shock, as they were 94, but just how quickly they declined and the stress of lining up care and hospice and all that entails.  It's a just a blur now.  I truly don't wish this on anyone.  I have buried my mom (20 years ago in April) so I know what is coming for DH and I will be able to help him with processing everything.  We had only been dating a year when mom passed, but he was my rock.  Now it is my turn to be the rock for him (times 2).

So...we will take some time to have her funeral mass and a committal service (at a later date) at a national cemetery.  Then I think the grief will really set it.  

And...family dynamics (ya'll know how that is) is really in full force at the moment.  Nothing like a wedding or a funeral to bring out the best in everyone -- LOL.  

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