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Omnibus II Primary

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I'm going to paste the book titles here just so people are aware. We did NOT use Omnibus II but we did cover some of these titles this year in my homegrown medieval history and reformation history class, and in my son's Medieval and Renn Lit class with House of Humane Letters.  The single asterisked ones are the ones we covered in history and the double asterisks were covered in lit. We covered many books not on this list. 

I would say that our experience is that these books are not particularly easy, and so it will really depend on your kid. My son was a freshman this year, and he's an older freshman, so he turned 15 in September. He had already covered ancients through Wilson Hill Academy in 7th grade.  He has done well, but I am personally glad my youngest son will have a year of ancients in 9th before covering this period in 10th.  

Since there isn't a lot of overlap between our book lists, I can't speak specifically really. I know there aren't a lot of fans of Omnibus on here (and the lit teacher was particularly displeased with some of their essays, for example, the one on Sir Gawain).  

You might have more luck posting in the high school board, and including the book lists below so people know what you will be reading. 

Primary Books—First Semester
The Church History-- Eusebius
On the Incarnation--Athanasius,
The Creeds (Apostles', Nicene & Chalcedonian)
The Ecclesiastical History--Bede *
The Rule of St. Benedict
The Song of Roland

Primary Books—Second Semester
The History of the Kings of Britain
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight**
The Divine Comedy: Inferno
The Canterbury Tales**
The Bondage of the Will

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