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Math beyond Calculus: Recommendations for online Statistics?

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My dd has been very happy with the math classes from Derek Owens. Unfortunately, she needs a math class for senior year and is now completing calculus. Can anyone recommend an online Statistics class? I would prefer it not be AP, as we have other priorities than math classes. 

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I know you said you don’t want an AP version, but trust me, AP stats is a very introductory course. It’s nothing like heavy duty sciences or BC Calc. And if you avoid a provider that is heavy on busy work and test prep, you can have a very light and informative course.

I would personally look at Edhesive for it



Bonus is you can do it on your own time. And it will be a light course. You don’t even need to take an exam. 

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My oldest did the WTMA Statistics course this year. It's one semester. He is likely to be a Math major and found it really easy. But enjoyable. He liked the teacher and had a lot of fun doing the required project. He's taking Intro to Number Theory this semester from the same teacher and really enjoying it as well. They are both light options for high school math (Ds was also doing Calc this year and these were electives) but if she has already taken through Calc and just wants something for the transcript they might be options. 

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On 5/6/2021 at 10:13 AM, Steven said:

Thanks. The AP Statistics looks like a real option. 

I am teaching AP stats for PA Homeschoolers next year. It is a very attainable course. Mine is set up with short daily assignments, plus optional work for those who wish for more, plenty of support and review, and chapter homework is due at the end of each chapter, so if you need to rearrange your schedule here and there, it won’t hurt you, as long as you keep up.

Good luck finding the best fit for your daughter! 

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