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Gas vs. Electric Range?

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18 hours ago, prairiewindmomma said:

There's no pilot light to light in new gas ovens, as they have electronic ignition, but you can totally light burners.  My Jenn Air oven is two years old, and I can light it. That's true of Whirlpool and a few other brands I investigated.


ETA: the change happened in 1990, so, you know, 31 years ago....


Yep. The one I'm trying to "fix" is a Whirlpool. I don't know how old it is, but it has electronic ignition, no pilot lights.

When I was testing last night, trying to troubleshoot the issue, I was able to manually light the burner(s) that didn't light.

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I am so glad for this topic!  I've been wanting to replace my electric range for quite some time, but it kept working. I've had both gas and electric and prefer gas. I really want a duel fuel range, but I can't afford it. Well, last week, the range started acting up, so we are going to go shopping for a gas range. We live in the country and our gas lines run right outside the kitchen window. We have gas a/c, so it won't be too hard to have a gas line run to the kitchen. The lady we bought the house from did not cook much, so she was not interested in having a gas range when she built the house. 

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