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shoe help please


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My father in law will finally be buried in June (delay due to covid restrictions).  I need closed toe shoes appropriate for a funeral and will look good with a black dress.  


I have flat feet, damaged plantar fascia, arthritis in my spine, posterior  tibial  tendon issues.  This shoe must be comfortable, somewhat supportive while looking fairly nice.

I normally wear Hoka Bondi or Clifton sneakers.  Chaco sandals in summer.  Cowboy boots (doc recommended) in winter.  None of which will look nice at a funeral (or be closed toe).

Please give me some suggestions so I can get a pair and start breaking them in

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I'm not sure this will work as I have high arches, but these shoes are very comfortable and supportive.

The black is stretchy but does not look like it, so that is helpful. I also have wide feet, and these shoes run a little wider than the typical wide shoe, so just be aware of that if you go with these. 


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Have you looked at the walking company?

I love their abeo's- and they're comfortable and supportive.  And not 4" heels (which was all nordstrom had when I was looking for dress shoes.  Hello - older women do not want 4" heels . . . .   my chiropractor would not have been a happy camper.)

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12 hours ago, Dreamergal said:

May I suggest these. Compression sleeves for feet. 


I am not one for socks, the ones I use mostly are compression socks.

Can you wear pants and boots ? I find flat ankle boots one of the most comfortable things to wear especially during long hours of travel (I go 20 hours one way on a plane, 15 hours in one flight).

ETA: https://www.dansko.com/serenity-black-waterproof


I'm trying to avoid that due to summer heat.  

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54 minutes ago, Dreamergal said:

Then I would suggest wearing the shoes you already have that works for you. Dress code and etiquette when it becomes a bother such that people made uncomfortable just to conform need to be thrown out the window. 

These are strange times when you are waiting for months to bury a person. The funeral is for the living. It is a time for people to share in the grief not do a fashion or etiquette critique on clothes. I assume you will be wearing black dress, that should suffice. If anyone is crass enough to mention your shoes, tell them if the Royal family had to make adjustments for a funeral they planned for decades for the Queen's husband when they have protocols for dress, then it should be ok for ordinary mortals to do so.

Wear shoes you are comfortable. 

I’ve been thinking the same things. However, the cemetery is quite strict. Closed toe due to uncertain and varied terrain.  Mask requirements are strict too

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I would check out Born and Naot. I have dealt with plantar fasciitis in the past but not currently, these brands work for me. Birkenstock and Chacos do as well. Chacos has expanded beyond the typical sandals, I don’t see any funeral appropriate shoes currently, but I think I remember seeing some that would work at my local outdoor store this past winter. 

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Wear whatever closed toe shoe you have that is comfortable with your conditions. Anybody who sees you wearing " unsuitable " shoes will understand that you are accommodating a health condition. 

Because of my foot condition, I can only wear wide toe shoes with sturdy soles and custom orthotics. It took me a long time to accept that there is no point in being in pain just to satisfy some societal convention.

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