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Say your teen's dream is to become a police officer (in the U.S.)

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29 minutes ago, Lecka said:

Oh separately — one of the people we know is NOT an FBI agent.  He works for the FBI but is not an agent.  The other person is an agent.  

I just checked with my husband.  I think at the building where he works, most of the people work for the FBI but are not agents.  I don’t know if that makes a difference for looking at numbers or requirements.  

Oh, of course, I should have thought of this! My brain was stuck on the OP's situation, where working for the FBI would mean working as an agent. I seriously kept thinking how strange it was that multiple roommates would all decide to be FBI agents in the first place 😄


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My 10 year old wants to be a police officer. I live in Texas and I think it's fine. If we still lived in Portland I would all but forbid it.

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I think most people think everyone who works at the FBI is an agent, but they have intelligence analysts, surveillance teams, linguists, forensic accountants, plus all the administrative staff (and probably more jobs). I am pretty sure the headquarters building has FBI police officers (not agents) who guard the building.


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