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Daily Movement - Saturday, April 17

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My dog and I walked in a fund-raising event this morning . . . First one I've been able to attend live since 2019. The actual walk for the event is short, about a mile, so I made a point of parking at the far end of the satellite lot and walking in the long way around. Between that, doing the official walk and then going back to my car after, we managed 4.8K.

While we were on-site, I attempted a yoga with your dog class, but did only the parts I could handle standing up. When I got home, I did some wall push-ups in the kitchen while waiting for my lunch to warm up. Not a lot, but I'm counting that for legs and arms today.

I have a bunch of things I need to do today -- grocery order, laundry, packing for the (we hope) move next month -- so I'll squeeze in another walk at some point later and call it done.

Spring Start Status Update: 286.6 of 500K

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Daily 2km walk, bodyweight circuit + 10 minute yoga (25/30). Was vaccinated yesterday, so was prepared to abandon the push-ups if my tender shoulder dictated, but it seemed to make no difference.

Spent some time checking out DDPY today, the thread on here sounds cool but doesn't look like a fit.

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