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Daily Movement - Thursday, April 15

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I will need to play a bit of catch-up over the next couple of days. While I did (just barely) make my minimum step count for yesterday, nothing after the morning walk got counted or logged towards my current challenge. And, yes, I know I'm accountable only to myself, really, but I prefer to keep things neatly categorized and count only "intentional" walking for that purpose.

I walked 4.7K this morning, which is a good start, and did a full set of the standing version of leg/arm exercises.

Later, I'll try to take another slightly longer than average evening walk.


Spring Start Status Update:  267.8 of 500K

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Have spent the past 24 hours considering applying for an office job in a nearby community. I could come home and work out, rather than being so tired from my current, rather physical job, that a walk is about the best I can do. But maybe I'm kidding myself.

Anywho, got my daily walk done, hurrah, lol.

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