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Henle Latin 1 and 2 through Memoria Press...transition to Cambridge

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My daughter has taken Latin 1 and 2 through Memoria Press using Henle Latin Level 1. She actually went through Henle Latin Level 1 twice, both times quite thoroughly, doing almost all of the exercises and daily drilling grammar rules and vocabulary. She is considering going to a private school next fall, where they use Cambridge Latin. Their Latin 1 and 2 consists of going through Cambridge Levels I, II, and III, and then their Latin 3 uses Cambridge IV. They have accepted her 2 credits of Latin and wish to enroll her in Cambridge Level III. Does anyone have any advice on that? Will she be ready for Cambridge Level IV? Should she step back and take their Latin 2, which uses Cambridge Level III? 

Thank you so much for your help!

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I own Cambridge 1 and 2, and the Forms, so you might take this with a grain of salt.  I think she'll be fine, I really do.  Cambridge is gentle.  My kid loves it when we pull it out because he calls it his "easy" Latin.  He'll sit there and read an entire chapter in one sitting, laughing over the stories.  I think a kid who has finished Henle 1 would be fine in IV.

If you are unsure, you can usually get older versions of the Cambridge books on Abebooks for a few bucks, and just pick up III to look through/get used to the new format. 

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We have used Cambridge 1 and 2, and have done Henle 1 and 2. She'll be fine for grammar, but there are many vocabulary words in Cambridge that would be helpful to know as they'll show up in the translations right off the bat.  If possible, you might want to just expose her to that so that she can be prepared.  The vocabulary is pretty interesting and not too difficult.  A solid base of grammar with Henle will help her tons!

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