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Tackling Sunday Together

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Good morning!

  • meals (lunch at church, ds going out)
  • church
  • stay to host a table for our church monthly discover class (prospective new members)
  • final prep for classes tomorrow
  • prep for Tuesday's in person students
  • contemplate last day activities for co-op
  • laundry
  • play a game, watch last episode of The English Game (it's been so good)
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Good morning!

So, this morning/today, I have:
....print/pack bag for K & 1st tomorrow
....stop at grocery store and grab veggies to do veggie prints with (wanted to wait until today so they are still fresh)
....take DH & oldest 2 boys for their 2nd dose vaccines
....stop by new nursery DH wants to check out while we are near there
.....presumably we will still watch church this morning before all of that
.....lunch = last of the leftovers
....dinner = ??? usually Sunday is a kind of "find food, eat it" day, but not sure if they will all be starting to feel bad by then or not, depends how they react or not, how quickly, etc.....
....finish sewing friend's gift from yesterday in between if I have time
....make DH carry up our laundry so I can sort/start it
....probably some TV but not sure what, we are done with Stranger Things (makes note to look up this show Amy mentioned.....)
....maybe a movie instead if we don't find any good TV (oh, just remembered, we are recording Food Truck Race and Wipeout, so maybe one of those)

Have a great day, everyone!

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Good morning everyone- it's a beautiful day here. So far, I have had coffee, had breakfast, washed a load of laundry, done today's shredding, and about to leave for AM church. Plans for the rest of the day include:

More coffee on the way to church-done

Stop at Lowe's, Super 1, and Dollar General on the way home-only went to Lowe's (I'm losing weight and didn't feel I could withstand the temptations, so I have a pick up order tomorrow morning)

Make salads and dressing-moved to tomorrow

Clean bathrooms-done

Continue weeding-not feeling up to it

Plant what I buy at Lowe's-got some of it done

PM church

Cook dinner-a ham dish that is eaten over fried cornbread-in progress

Check into returning an item to Amazon

Check on insurance cards to make sure we have current ones

Continue cleaning out the file cabinet




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Howdie, happy Sunday!  I am hoping it is both restful and productive.  And looking forward to handing off pup duty to my kids after a kid-free week.


  • Started the laundry - load 2 will go into the washer soon.
  • Pup stuff.
  • Short chat - it's more than I usually do before my 1st coffee is ingested!
  • Working on coffee 1 and catching up on "what's happening in the world."

To do:

  • Hopefully all the laundry (the kids will bring 2 suitcases full this p.m.).
  • Lots of client work.
  • Church online.
  • Hoping to catch up on many other minor personal things.

I won't think about all the things I could have accomplished without kids over the past week.  Hey, at least the house isn't messy ....


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Got all the K/1st stuff printed & packed up, despite fighting with the printer a few times. 

Found a sweet card in one folder from a kiddo, which made my morning. On the other hand, have 2 kiddos who have sent in the same work (half stuff I've graded weeks ago, half stuff that I've sent home to do, that's yet undone) for weeks now....I never know how many times to keep sending back the not-done stuff before I take it out and file it. :sigh:  It makes me sad. At least pretend to look at it by taking it out and filing it/tossing it at home, even if you don't send it back to me (which is optional anyway). 


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I got lots of laundry done so far - still 2 more loads before the kids get home with theirs.  Did some cleaning and organizing.  Did the 9:30-1:30 pup shift.  Spent maybe 30 seconds on client work, LOL.

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Hi all!


Cleaned and re bandaged smaller wound 

Ordered a lot of things on Amazon

Watched 2 church services 

Talked w dd2

To do

Figure out dinner

Maybe photograph last remaining clothes to give away

Get caught up w medical emails and downloads

Maybe taxes

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Good afternoon! Spectacular spring day here!


Church - had outdoor Sunday school for kids, hooray! Lovely service. Two encouraging conversations with friends.


Bathroom towels and rug laundered.

Switched out my clothes for spring/summer and reorganized my closet. 

Made dinner: chili mac and steamed broc.

Reminded Dd about camp forms, sheet music, and buying shorts. 

At flag football with Ds now bc games were rained out yesterday. Will probably try to get some work done while we’re here. Double header. Need a table. 


drop a box at mom’s storage unit on the way home.

deskwork - budget, send links

remind Dd about early am orthodontist appt and see whether Dh would rather drive for that or take Ds to school. 

lesson prep

listen to a podcast

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It is perfect weather here today! If only this could be year round....

We really enjoyed the family we hosted at our table today. 

I finished the show. It's a 6 episode mini-series, so it's not a lot of commitment. I wish there were more of those. 

Looked over the classes for tomorrow, and I'm about to gather up some laundry. 

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Had brunch, took everyone for their final vaccine -- there was an insurance snafu, but it got sorted out enough that they let him get his shot,  stopped at the grocery store for veggies for veggie prints for tomorrow, came home, took naps. 

Got up, carried up, sorted, started the laundry. 

Planned a loose plan for tonight's dinner for those who need help "fending for yourself" and then planned tomorrow's dinner, something I can prep tonight for the crockpot in the morning. 

Heading up to sew while DH and the boys video game. 

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Finished my friend's present. 

Moving stinks (we are not moving, she is). 

That is all. 

Well, friends moving away *especially* stinks when you are a family comprised of mostly "just give me one or two really good friends" people. And then one really good friends, all in the same family, are the ones moving away. 

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Flag football was fun! Lost a close one to a better team. Got behind by 18 in the second game, then came back to win by 1! Ds got a touchdown in each game.

I got sunburned.

Ate dinner, helped Dd with camp stuff, did registration paperwork for Dd’s tutorial, general tidying up, folded and put away a load of laundry, found my reading glasses, worked on calendar and schedule. 

Next up: Close Reads Patreon podcast on LOTR. Hot tea and gf oatcakes.

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