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Plain workbooks for 2.5 year old.

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My 4 year old is starting to do Rod and Staff math level 1. Which is a very bland "black and white" workbook as writing/book work. My 2.5 year old is jealous. She wants a bland "black and white" workbook just like her big brother. I have a Singapore PreK-A Dimensions workbook and she was unhappy because it was too "fun" (I think she meant colorful?) and not "workbook" enough for her. 

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A coloring book, or even printed coloring pages with a large format letter and a bunch of related pictures?

If it must be a "school" book, you could look at the Explode the Code primers - Get Ready for the Code, Get Set for the Code, Go for the Code.  They're not aimed at this age group, and some activities will not be age appropriate.  They slowly teach kids to recognize consonants, and as long as the child is developmentally ready (or becomes so over the course of the three books).  I have an almost 4 year old who similarly asks to "do school" like her brothers and this has satisfied her.

I do encourage you to keep it fun and strictly optional at this age.  Don't make her "finish the lesson" or do it when she'd rather paint or build a tower.  That early excitement to learn is real, but if you burn it out by doing too much too soon it's very hard to reignite.  Far better that you insist on putting it away after one page when she really, really wants to do more than drag her through "five more minutes" when her interest is waning.

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1 hour ago, caffeineandbooks said:

I do encourage you to keep it fun and strictly optional at this age.

Oh yes, even older brother's bookwork is optional. I think they learn much more through self-directed play and hands-on/practical activities than either of my kids do doing bookwork. I use the Rod and Staff book loosely to know what I should cover sequentially, because I have very little teaching experience and have a tendency to cover things beyond what my kids could comprehend.

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My now 12 yr old daughter was the same at that age. She asked for schoolbooks for her birthday, Easter, and Christmas that year. She was quite precocious. We just did a few pages as she liked. No push.

Some ideas:

Singapore Essentials Books A-B



Look at Memoria Press offerings for Preschool/Simply Classical A-B. Their My Very First Scissors Book, Numbers, and Alphabet coloring books may fit nicely.





R&S has the following set, as well as the ABC series.




Explode the Code A-C books were also a hit. These require much greater fine motor skill control, though, than the R&S books.



Rainbow Resource carries all these, I think.


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