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Daily Movement - Thursday, April 8

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I keep meaning to do this, but I remember this morning before I hit Submit Reply:

Thanks so much @purpleowl for starting these threads every day. I do greatly appreciate the reminder and accountability, and I look forward every day to coming here and seeing what everyone else has gotten up to that day.

I decided to use the morning walk to pick up the dog's medication refill. (She takes an anti-inflammatory, because she has joint problems just like me.) We had to double back at one point because I realized I had forgotten to bring a mask, but it worked out. We ended up logging 4.7K.

I stayed in bed a little later than planned, because I didn't sleep well last night. So the walk didn't leave a lot of time for leg/arm exercises before work, but I did what I could in the time I had available.

Another walk this evening, as usual, will top off my daily step count.

Spring Start Status Update:  210.5 of 500K


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I appreciate them too purpleowl!

I have a busy afternoon/evening, so got my movement in early: a fitness marshall sweat session and some back/core strengthening. I may do some relaxation pilates tonight if it works out. 

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