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When do curriculums go on sale?

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Just curious, when do certain curriculums go on sale? Is it always consistent each year? I'm specifically looking at:

-Math Mammoth (heard they always have a big sale each year)

-IEW (do they ever do free shipping?)

-MCT (free shipping ever?)

Anything else that consistently goes on sale each year?


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Math Mammoth just had the Blue series on sale through Homeschool Buyer's Co-op. 40% off. I'm not sure about the light blue series. 
I usually start reading HSBC's emails around this time of year because if they're advertising it, good chances are the company has it on sale through their own site.  Mostly, though, I think the pattern is December, March-May, and/or July sales for a lot of companies. 

I don't think I've seen free shipping on IEW's site, but Rainbow Resource offers free shipping above $50, and they carry IEW products.

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IEW does a free shipping special right after Christmas every year - they do a "12 days of Christmas" sort of promo that starts on 12/26 or so.   That being said, I usually order my IEW books from Rainbow Resource in the summer, and it's easy to get over the $50 free shipping threshold when ordering books for the new school year. 

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Not the curriculum you're looking for, but in answer to your question of curriculum that consistently goes on sale at a specific time of year:

R&S has a Spring textbook sale every March/April

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