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Daily Movement - Sunday, April 4

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Today was my last opportunity to complete the Bunny Hop 5K for the Spring Start challenge, so I took the dog out for a short walk, then brought her back inside and got her fed and settled before heading out to my default trail for challenges on which I'm actually paying attention to time and distance. I completed the 5K (and maintained just over 11 minutes per kilometer, which is a decent pace for me).

I should do some leg/arm exercises, but I honestly just don't feel like it. 

The weather is so nice today -- and I did all of the significant house chores yesterday -- that I don't feel done yet being outside. I tried to tempt my husband to get out with me, but he's not feeling up to anything strenuous and can't think of anything that sounds enticing enough to go out. So, I'm preparing to pack up the dog and head to a different park for a lakefront stroll. 

Depending on how long we stroll, that may be enough to finish off my step count for today. 


Spring Start Status Update:  174.4 of 500K

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Yesterday  mowed the lawn with the manual push mower because the gas one broke. That was my "workout" yesterday, lol. Today my back is hurting for the first time in a while, pretty badly. Did my 35 minutes of PT and will try to do a stretching/low back short yoga workout later. 

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