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Is there such a thing as a cool weighted blanket?

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I'm in the stage of life where hot flashes are definitely a thing, but I have trouble sleeping without a decent amount of weight, and right now my comforter-or my cats-are too hot! 

Does anyone have any suggestions? 

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Just stopping in and I saw this..
Vintage crochet panel blankets.  I slept with one growing up in a very hot climate.  They're heavy, being made of tightly clustered cotton thread, but there are spaces within the design to allow heat to escape. I had one that was made of the textured pineapple motif worked into squares sewn together and it was a perfect weighted blanket before the idea got popular.

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Our weighted blankets have 100% cotton covers and are made with river stone. (We have 3 from this company.)They don't heat up like the blankets that are all over stores nowadays. This is where we bought them, and after 12 years they are in perfect condition: https://www.saltoftheearthweightedgear.com/index.html

Once when I was feverish and overheating I put it on our front porch for an hour during the winter and it got super cold. It felt great!

Follow the washing instructions and they will last years and years. 

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