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Summer plans 2021 for non-homeschoolers?

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Howdy, what's cooking for your kids this summer?  Are your favorite camps back, and if so, do you plan to use them?  What about academic review / enrichment outside of camps?

I am happy to report that I found 3 weeks of June day camps for my 14yos.  Hopefully they don't get canceled.  They are:

  • Wildlife vet camp.
  • Junior medical camp.
  • Culture camp.

I believe my kids will have sports and "band camp" (school marching band) through much of July and August.  We will also continue TKD, working toward 3rd dan belt tests in September.

I am looking into options for summer internships / volunteer positions in Kid1's interest area, but so far, I don't know if they're "on" this summer.  Kid2 will spend a lot of time helping at the horse barn, as she has for years.  And we'll have something going on with puppy training.

Our school system is offering some summer school options to make up for "Covid learning loss."  But as far as I can tell, at the high school level, these are only for kids who failed a class or one of the benchmark tests needed for graduation.  My kids will be taking some of those tests this spring, and while I hope they pass them, I'll be looking at summer school options if they don't.  I am also hoping the library reinstates its SAT practice / prep programs - mainly for my kids to see where they stand and what they need to work on.  (But I think this can also be done for free online.)

I was looking at some online options for math review, but most of them require the kids to be online during hours when they will be in camps or sports.  I am considering Mr. D, which would mostly work with our schedule afaik.  In addition, I have a lot of books and games and free / already purchased online stuff that we could use - I just have to be disciplined about it.  (Same comment for science - we should review the biology and chemistry related materials we already have.)

I'd like to get them to do some kind of writing also.  Maybe a journal project?  Maybe they will have summer prep work for honors English.  Summer assignments were canceled last year.

Not sure about literature.  In recent years, we've mainly just done audiobooks and read-alouds.  I'm trying to find out what books other kids their age have read for lit that my kids' school didn't do.  Bonus points if I also never read the books.  😛

We are also hoping to figure out some sort of road trip.  Wouldn't it be fun to rent an RV for a change?

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My 16 yr old finished classes in mid April (graduation isn't until June), and is hoping to work this summer. If the marine bio camp that got cancelled last year happens, that may happen too. I'm assuming there will be some form of First year orientation, and we'll be loading up for dorm move in during August. I am hoping to take a family vacation towards the end of summer, too. 

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My Ds will have a lot of time out of town, mostly 5-6 day camps:

church camp in NC

2 sessions of Scout camp 

youth group trip

When he’s here: swim team, football day camp, help at VBS, work at Publix, fishing, play at the pool. 

He’ll do some math review the three weeks or so before school starts, but I haven’t figured out quite what that will look like. Not me teaching, for sure! 

He reads without bring made to, thankfully. 

He’s challenging to parent lately, so a high activity level and time put of the house should make for a good break for our whole family.

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