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Test your "Hotspot" plan, before you need a "Hotspot"

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Our Internet went out in a big storm late Saturday afternoon. We called the ISP Sunday in the early evening and thank God, 2 men were here about 8 A.M. on Monday. We have a new HGU and some new Fiber Optic Cable...

I have always told DD that if our Internet goes down that she can use the Data on one of the phones and set the phone up to be a Wifi "Hotspot".  We never tested that.  For some reason, when DD tried that with my very low end Moto with the very big battery, it didn't work well. I can think of a bunch of possible reasons and would love to know which reason it is.

Then, DD got the phone of DW.   When DW needed a new phone about 2 years ago, I suggested something in the Moto G family. It never occurred to me the Superstore would be sold out of the Moto G phones that day and then that DW would consider something other than a Motorola Moto phone.  She bought a Huawei mid range phone. For Americans, Huawei is not a good brand to buy.  However, thank God, the WiFi Hotsppot in her mothers phone worked well with the WiFi in the Lenovo Laptop DD has and she was able to participate in all of her classes yesterday via Zoom without any issues. So, +1 for the Hotspot in the Huawei phone my DW bought that day. 

(My old laptop is on Ethernet. A few minutes ago I did a test on Speedtest.Net to a Server in Colon. Panama. I think that is about 200 or 300 miles away. It is 1'15" minutes in a jet aircraft.  The Download speed was 90.71 Mbps and the Upload speed was approximately 89 Mbps. Much slower on WiFi and I am only about 4 meters from the HGU but there are concrete walls with Rebar in them between me and the HGU.)

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During Sandy we ended up switching my phone to Verizon and keeping my husband on the same carrier, which I think was Sprint at the time. He was unable to use his phone at all for a few days, but we were able to use my Verizon phone to get online and working, as well as communicating, We've purposely kept two different carriers now so we always have options. We still have a hotspot device through Sprint that is quite a few years old now, but it works well so we are keeping it. We've discovered in our business that we need multiple back up plans for internet access and power. It has come in handy with power outages in NJ and the recent issues in Texas. (Currently having sticker shock from the increased utilities our TX landlord has passed on to us!) Sandy was definitely an eye opener!

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We have two separate Verizon plans for this reason.  One is unlimited and I have my IPad on it (on a phone line).  But it throttles.  The other is a 10Gb plan on my own cell phone that is not throttled, which is sometimes the only way to get on the internet.  Super crucial last year when I was sheltering in place at our cabin where there is no fast internet available any other way.

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