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Easy website for room layouts?

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I’ve been trying to play with pen and paper, but it’s a long, drawn out (har har) process when playing with multiple ideas and hypothetical furniture options.

It’s not that I’m in a rush to decide furniture, but we DO have to decide some window placements, so it is kind of important!

The area is about 12x26, with windows on the short ends. There will likely be a corner wood burning stove in the back left corner, and there’s no wall at all on the right side. The original exterior wall calls for a fireplace centered in one half of the room, flanked by two narrow windows, with transom-like windows on the other half of the room.  The front half opens to the foyer and perpendicular staircase, and the back half is open to the “breakfast area” that will probably be our regular dining area, and then the kitchen.

That exterior wall will most likely be facing the woods between us and the neighbor’s backyard, so nothing terribly interesting to look at, but also not a huge need for privacy. Pretty much south facing.  We don’t have precise placement yet, but that’s the general idea.

I’m open to suggestions, but I’d really love to find a website that doesn’t require downloads and expertise! I’m going to need to get the windows (or lack of) into our specs and budget relatively soon!

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6 hours ago, Carrie12345 said:

If you click on the tab that says “generic”, there are a small number of bathroom objects, as well as a basic shape option that you can use.


Thank you.   That really helped me see that a 7x7 bathroom would be plenty big enough for my dad's needs.

Now to figure out placement of his furniture.

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