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Daily Movement - Tuesday, March 30

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I've missed posting for a couple of days, mostly because I was off having a solo camping adventure. The good news is that my outing included plenty of walking along lovely trails.

I did a short morning walk -- about 2.2K -- with my dog (who did not accompany me camping) on Sunday morning, then packed up and drove to the campground. I walked to, along and back from their shortest trail, an "interpretive" nature trail, then walked a couple of laps around the campground before turning in for the night. 

On Monday, I intended to walk the park's longest trail, 10 miles, but had to change the plan based on an uncooperative stomach and extremely muggy weather. I managed about 5 miles in the morning/early afternoon and a shorter ramble along the park's main road and around the campground that evening.

Today, I planned to walk the shorter trail, 7 miles, but, for a variety of reasons including unclear and inconsistent trail markings, ended up doing most of the longer one, instead. All told, between the walk to and from the trailhead from my car and the trail and a couple of detours along spurs to see things I missed yesterday, it was still just over 10 miles.

I did not do any formal arm/leg exercises on Monday or today, but I figure hauling camping equipment and setting up/breaking down camp and such should probably count.

Sadly, tomorrow, it'll be back to my regularly scheduled walking in circles around the neighborhood. 

Spring Start Status Update:  136.7 of 500K

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I couldn't do my walk yesterday because my ankle was being difficult, but I was able to do 5 miles -- more than usual -- this evening. :)

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