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Can CAP Writing & Rhetoric books be completed out of order?

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I'm hunting for writing ideas for our co-op for junior high students. Is it possible to use W&R books 7 and 9 one year followed by 8 and 10 the next? We have a class of combined 7th and 8th grade students. Each year, new 7th graders move up. I need a curriculum where students don't have to do the first year before doing the second year. If that makes sense.


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I feel like some books could be skipped if needed but I wouldn't work out of order.  They build on each other and reference back to previous lessons.

For full clarity my oldest has only gone up to book 8 though.  

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If you are serious about using W&R you might listen to episode 14 of the Classical Homeschool podcast, where they interview Paul Kortepeter, the author of the series, and specifically ask him about skipping books. I don't think they asked him about just picking a few books, though, but I think he might have talked about an accelerated schedule for older students who don't have the luxury of time to catch up.

I haven't used IEW but I wonder if that might be a better fit. My understanding is that IEW has a bigger focus on  training the teacher to teach writing.  Perhaps IEW folks can explain if some of those books can be done as stand-alones or if they need to go in order. 

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