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Beverly Cleary passed away

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She was such a gifted writer; I felt like she knew exactly how I felt. 

When I was 10, I decided to read every Beverly Cleary book in order that they appeared on the library shelf. But Ramona books were my absolute favorite. 


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Henry Huggins,[52] Morrow, 1950 †

Ellen Tebbits,[53] Morrow, 1951

Henry and Beezus,[54] Morrow, 1952 †

Otis Spofford,[55] Morrow, 1953

Henry and Ribsy,[56] Morrow, 1954 †

Beezus and Ramona,[57] Morrow, 1955 ‡

Fifteen,[58] Morrow, 1956

Henry and the Paper Route,[59] Morrow, 1957 †

The Luckiest Girl,[60] Morrow, 1958

Jean and Johnny,[61] Morrow, 1959

The Hullabaloo ABC,[62] Parnassus, 1960

The Real Hole,[63] Morrow, 1960

Leave It To Beaver, Berkley, 1960

Beaver and Wally,[64] Berkley, 1961

Here's Beaver!,[65] Berkley, 1961

Two Dog Biscuits,[42] Morrow, 1961

Emily's Runaway Imagination,[42] Morrow, 1961

Henry and the Clubhouse, Morrow, 1962 †

Sister of the Bride, Morrow, 1963

Ribsy,[26] Morrow, 1964 †

The Mouse and the Motorcycle,[42] Morrow, 1965

The Growing-Up Feet,[42] Morrow, 1967

Mitch and Amy,[42] Morrow, 1967

Ramona the Pest,[42] Morrow, 1968 ‡

Runaway Ralph,[42] Morrow, 1970

Socks,[42] Morrow, 1973

Ramona the Brave,[42] Morrow, 1975 ‡

Ramona and Her Father,[42] Morrow, 1977 ‡

Ramona and Her Mother,[42] Morrow, 1979 ‡

Ramona Quimby, Age 8,[42] Morrow, 1981 ‡

Ralph S. Mouse, Morrow,[42] 1982

Dear Mr. Henshaw,[42] Morrow, 1983

Ramona Forever,[42] Morrow, 1984 ‡

The Ramona Quimby Diary,[42] Morrow, 1984

Lucky Chuck,[42] Morrow, 1984

Janet's Thingamajigs,[42] Morrow, 1987

A Girl from Yamhill,[42] Morrow, 1988

Muggie Maggie,[42] Morrow, 1990

Strider,[42] Morrow, 1991

Petey's Bedtime Story,[42] Morrow, 1993

My Own Two Feet,[42] Morrow, 1995

Ramona's World,[42] Morrow, 1999 ‡

Two Times the Fun[42] (omnibus containing The Real Hole, Two Dog Biscuits, The Growing-Up Feet, and Janet's Thingamajigs), Morrow, 2005

† Henry Huggins series (1950–1964)
‡ Ramona series (1955–1999)[66]

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The Mouse & the Motorcycle. I had a little red motorcycle and a little stuffed mouse set on our breakfast table while we read three novels about Ralph. The kids would drive the mouse around and park him in different places around the house. 

And I loved Dear Mr Henshaw. 

Rest In Peace, Beverly Cleary. Thank you for a wonderful literary legacy. 

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I've read the Ramona books dozens of times and so has my daughter. Beverly Cleary was largely responsible for my love of reading as a child. RIP.

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28 minutes ago, Selkie said:

I love all her books, and her memoirs are two of my most favorite books ever.

Yes, I loved reading both A Girl from Yamhill and My Own Two Feet.  It was fun to see how much of her own life ended up in her books.

My favorite of her fictional books was The Luckiest Girl.  

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18 minutes ago, Ausmumof3 said:

I feel sad seeing this, I didn’t realise she was so old.  The mouse and the motorcycle was one of my favourite books as a kid.

In her first memoir, she wrote about an early memory of hearing all the church bells in her town ringing at one time.  She said that, years later, she asked her mother what had happened that day.  Her mother told her it was the end of the First World War.

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I was introduced to Ramona the Pest by one of my favorite teachers of all time, Mrs. Logan, in second grade. God bless her for reading those books to us. Also for end-of-the-day circle time and for the warm-fuzzies stories (literally stories about creatures called warm fuzzies) and for being the lovely human being she was. I will forever associate her and Beverly Cleary and Mr. Rogers all together in my heart.

My personal favorite as a kid was Ellen Tebbits.

Both of my kids loved Beverly Cleary, but my son in particular found a kindred spirit in Otis Spofford. Absolutely LOVED that character. Also feel in love with Henry and Ribsy. My daughter, true to form, adored Emily's Runaway Imagination.

What a treasure! May Beverly Cleary rest in peace.

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