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Tackling Thursday Together


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Good morning!  I slept in today and slept better last night. 

Scout, I saw your question from yesterday. I don't typically have a high heart rate. I took my blood pressure a little after getting up yesterday and it was 123/80 and a pulse of 74. The only medicine I take every day is omeprazole. I've been on it since October. I do take Claritin from time to time as well. 

We are going to give our cat to another family next week. I tutored their daughter, and her younger siblings would play with Callie while waiting. She already doesn't get enough attention from us with ds older now. If I go to work, she'll get even less. They live out in the country and love being outdoors, so she will definitely get more attention. 

  • meals   
  • school with ds
  • tutor 1 student in person
  • tidy house
  • start organizing some books, our group might have a used book sale in a month
  • not sure what else today
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I finished quilting the quilt!!! So, today -- make and put on the binding & label, wash it, and done-done. Yay!!

What else....?
...school with DS -- track down stuff his biology teacher says is missing. She only ever says/alerts us at the end of each quarter, so then you have to go back and figure out if he did it and forgot to turn it in, or didn't do it, or if he turned it in, she graded it, and forgot to record it. I'm thankful she accepts the late stuff, though, at least (he once forgot to turn in a test.....)
....check on/work on laundry
....prep for Kindergarten for Monday
....lunch -- not sure

....dinner -- trying a new thing, and going to brown some ground chicken & add it to a corn casserole we like (b/c one of the kids has lately said that beans upset his stomach, so "white chili" is out); I *think* if I season it properly, it should work well together. We shall see.....   We haven't eaten, but DH is making reuben sandwiches instead
....after dinner, probably Stranger Things -- we're now going through season 2 with everyone (and there's quite a bit in there that I'd forgotten)
....text a friend with info on coming over on Saturday (time/what to bring)
....email/text a new family with some info they asked for (friend of DS's who wants info on the fencing club he was going to)

....reply to an email about school stuff for next year (set a date a prospective family can come observe my class)
....I feel like I'm forgetting something, but not sure what.....(oh, call the quilt shop by my grandma about a quilting bee they have and see if I can still join)   emailed instead of called

have a good day, everyone!


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Good morning all.  I woke up a bit before 4am but don't feel sleepy at all.  And that was with extra medication to try to make it comfortable for me to sleep.   

We are at Torcon 9 today here in Huntsville.  Jim Cantore was here yesterday so we knew it was going to be very bad here.  Well I am now a storm spotter but unless it happens when I am on my way to the infectious disease doctor appt. at 11:45am., I won't see it.

So far.  I haven't heard that dh's  COvid Vaccine at 4pm is canceled so I may see it then too.

Otherwise, we don't see tornadoes because we live on east side of a small mountain.


Coumadin Clinic

To do

online chat w assoc pastor about theology

Doctor appt

Vaccine clinic


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Morning, all!  Scout, hope the 2nd shot goes well...  

Dh and I had to go out of town unexpectedly.  Got the call to come see his close friend for visit, stage 4 cancer.  We just threw stuff in one overnight bag and got in the car, drove.  I'm now looking at how to deal with everything that didn't get done at home/school this week.  If I tackle half my list, I'll consider today a successful venture!

To do:

  • coffee, lots of coffee
  • finish filing mom's bills, update info
  • work more on office/workout room
  • laundry
  • clean out one shelf of garage for storage
  • figure out menu for Easter dinner
  • mail out much overdue birthday cards
  • lesson plan

Have a great day!

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Got both K & 1st grade prepped and ready to print; waiting on ink cartridges to arrive so can't print today, but don't need it till Monday, so no sweat there. 

Emailed the prospective parent with 2 choices of dates for her to come observe my class

Texted my friend with info on the get-together Saturday

Texted the people about the fencing club (no email info). 

heading to the grocery store w/DH, then will resume the list....

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Howdie, happy Thursday!  For a while, I thought it was Friday somehow ... weird.  I don't think that ever happened to me before.  😛

Yesterday, I finally got started on a mound of really boring client work that I had been putting off.  Hopefully there is still momentum and it will get done today.

Puppy is growing up so fast.  It seems weird, but I guess it is probably normal.  He has his own opinion about everything, is strong and determined, and I suspect he is wired to be dominant.  I suspect it won't be long before he gets out of his "secure" play area when we aren't looking.  Between that and eating everything and wanting to pee hourly, he's keeping us on our toes, as he should!  It's a good thing there are five of us.


  • Woke the kids / made sure they were up.
  • Took the puppy out (after the kids fed him).
  • Drove the kids to school ... on time, if they moved their butts after getting out of the car.  I had to take off my socks and lend them to one kid who misplaced hers.  Just another morning in crazy town.  😛
  • "Yoga, etc." and TKD form practice.
  • Took the puppy out a few more times.
  • Switched out / folded some laundry.  Last load is in the dryer.
  • A tiny bit of house cleaning.
  • A tiny bit of reading.
  • A tiny bit of client work.
  • Caught up on emails, news, calendar, social media, and checked the kids' grades.
  • 2 coffees so far.

To do:

  • Lots of client work.  Besides the mountain of procrastinated work, month/quarter end stuff is coming due (already?).  Several big annual / semiannual reports are due 3/31.
  • Finish the laundry.
  • A little more reading, housework, and puppy stuff.
  • Make chiro appointments for kids (and me?).
  • Make appointment for me to take my TKD step test.
  • Prepare Amazon returns (didn't get to this yesterday).  Drop off at UPS store?
  • Place Amazon order?  What was I supposed to order?  Oh yeah, vitamins.  What else?
  • Assemble kids' band uniforms to take to evening meeting.  Maybe wipe the white shoes off?
  • Pay a couple bills.
  • Kid2 from school to horse riding.
  • Walgreens run for my VHS-DVD transfers, bleach, softener sheets, stain remover, milk, pads, what else?
  • Pick up Kid1 after track.
  • Some dinner-on-the-fly decision.
  • Both kids to 7pm "mandatory meeting" about the band trip.  Hand over the uniforms.
  • Wal-Mart return?
  • Make the kids do their homework, clean up their messes, etc.
  • Walk??
  • What am I forgetting??
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Okay, Tornado hit Birmingham suburbs --- lots of very heavy damage including to areas right around my dd's apartment and her boyfriend's area which hit right near his apartment.  I was so happy that he was with dd and they were sheltering with her 2 cats in the closet.  Destroyed so much.  IF anyone on twitter wants to see, #Alwx.  

Tornado prepping going on now.  We are all Torcon 9 with a PDS warning from NWS>  That means long lasting tornados Fujita scale 2-5. 

That tornado is going to Anniston and then maybe Georgia.\


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Came home from the grocery store, got that all put away, had lunch, DH decided on Reuben sandwiches for dinner (with our friend's homemade sauerkraut), so will do the chicken/corn casserole thing a different day. 

Took a nap, got the homework lists for DS, now heading up for that. 

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Did school with DS -- found the missing Biology stuff (most of it), so will have him take that and turn in next week. Some of it has been graded already, so that's her error, not his, at least. 

Looked at why he's only on disc 4 of Teaching Textbooks (how on earth....?), and scheduled/paced out the rest so he still finishes before school starts. Two-a-day will do it (and still give him co-op day and weekends off), and only carry him into the 1st week of June, about 3 wks past the end of co-op.  

hung up/put away the jeans, sorted mine/dh's laundry, started a load which gets laundry to the "on top of it" stage (meaning, less than a full load of each category waiting)

Going to double check what else I wrote down this morning, grab a snack, and then go make binding/put it on the quilt

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4 hours ago, mom31257 said:

Christina, so thankful they are okay! Praying for your safety, too! 

Dd was coming home this afternoon, but with the storms she is waiting. She might come very late tonight if it will be better then. 


I am so glad she decided to wait.  Are you now under threat?

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@TravelingChris Y’all ok? Glad your Dd and her bf are ok.


We had light t-storms here in the late afternoon. Other parts of Nashville got worse. We’ve had short bursts of heavy rain. We had a tornado warning 45 min ago, but it’s past and the sighted tornado was actually already well east of us when the siren went off. 

I am starting to feel “off” from the vax. Headache, a little hot, sore arm. Arm is better after some Tylenol. 

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48 minutes ago, TravelingChris said:

I am so glad she decided to wait.  Are you now under threat?

We are under a tornado watch until 2 AM. Looking at the future radar, it appears the worst will stay north of us. 

Her sleep was off from working so she was going to try and sleep more. I haven’t heard from her yet, so I hope she’s still sleeping. Working nights is getting to her. I think she should leave like 4 in the morning coming. She’ll miss it and not have bad traffic. 

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6 hours ago, mom31257 said:


I can't get this phone to delete  the empty quote but they let all our severe alerts expire.   

Nothing happened here st all.  There were lots of bad tornadoes but above us and below us.

Noe fit another round sat night to sunday

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