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1 hour ago, Katy said:

Hugs. I would encourage you to make no major life decisions for as long as possible. Emotions are the enemy of logic, and it’s impossible to make a logical choice in the midst of grief. I’ve heard no major life change decisions for at least 3 years.  Though I did hear getting a dog after 6 months might help.  

I have heard that too.  My own marriage has experienced a lot of very traumatic experiences (almost all related to very serious health issues) and has had periods of our relationship not being good at all.  We made it through those periods with no counseling (dh refused) and our marriage is mostly good now.  We still have serious health issues happening and it is taking dh a while to get adjusted since he basically thinks it isn't fair.  Life isn't fair, in my view, and you just go on..   

Hugs to you.

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