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Job Loss: What to Do Next


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If no one has mentioned it yet, there is a wonderful blog with TONS of money saving help. It's written by a mom who fed her family entirely from her food storage and garden for more than a year. She has a section with recipes and how to eat for 40 cents a day. If anyone is looking to save money, her blog is awesome.


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2 hours ago, Dreamergal said:

I do not know if your family eats ethnic food and even if you do Indian food is one of them. Your family is dealing with a lot of change and changing food drastically may not be an option. However, if you want to reduce on meat and try a new cuisine at the same time, Indian vegetarian is for you.


Paneer is home made cottage cheese. I will not overwhelm you by giving a recipe for home made but will say if you have Instant pot, it basically makes itself. You can find paneer in an Indian store or can substitute tofu.

We were a family that ate out at restaurants pretty often, enjoyed various kinds of cuisines. When COVID shut everything down, we cooked every single morsel we ate and rarely went out. I had help with DH and the kids with everything from prep to actual cooking, but the cooking everything became overwhelming. So we made it a game of watching various cuisines on youtube and making them. We went for hearty, simple and healthy often. Various cuisines have that. One of the easiest I found was sheet pan suppers.

I like them because it is easy, looks good, is healthy and clean up is a breeze.




Those sheet pan dinners look delicious! Thanks for sharing.

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Mentioned above but worth repeating: show and tell your DH that you love him. Support him however you can. Job hunting can be more discouraging than losing a job, and (IME) he needs to feel that you love and respect him no matter what.
Praying for you all! 

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