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I haven't been here in forever, but as of last night, our son has graduated from American School (the one in Lansing IL). I started out at WTM a long time ago with little kids, learned about American School, and that was always my plan for high school if they didn't choose public. The younger has chosen public and is doing very well. The older chose American. We customized so he did chemistry and biology with labs, and physics, and started his math sequence with Algebra I by taking their high school Pre-algebra course in 8th grade before signing up for their 4-year program. He made it through Pre-calc, and they no longer offer Calculus. Anyway, American was far more affordable than other regionally accredited options I looked at, and the format was a great fit for him.

So, this is almost a wrap for homeschooling for me, although the younger is taking their book-based Geometry course so he can go right into Algebra II in public next fall. But I am done with homeschooling. I'm not around much, but I'm happy to answer questions about our experience, on the board or in private messaging. I appreciate the help I received over the years, especially from those who question or resist unschooling. We had a hard time with shutting out the voices that kept telling us to play more over the years - what we needed was to work more. We did what was best for us, and it was helpful to have some encouragement in that. 

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6 hours ago, Lori D. said:

So what is next for the graduate? And what is next for the graduate's mom? 😉 

Thank you ! He will start at community college while pursuing more aviation ratings - he already has his private license. Eventually he plans to transfer to a 4-yr and be a flight instructor for a while. I am looking for part-time general office work. 

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